ASIAN INFLUENCES strives to keep a fresh look to our Gallery.  Through out the year we offer  shows which may  feature a local artist with works that offer an Asian Aesthetic.  We may also feature a particular porcelain collection or a grouping of wood block prints.

Our one constant is the annual Spring Sale which takes place in March.  We greatly reduce prices on furniture, china & art works.

Asian Influences
Asian Influences

Annual Spring Sale begins on March 14th and will run through April 14th.  15% 25% and 50% off floor items from all Galleries!  Visit our storefront or browse online.

 Ancient Bowls  Over the next couple of months you will receive emails about a selection of ancient bowls from both the Song & the Ming Dynasties.  These bowls have been beautifully prerserved as most of them were funerary items.  We will have a Show in June with the entire selection on display...more details will be posted.

 ► Gay Bawa Odmark is an artist who "draws on the richness of her Indian  religious and cultural tradtions".  Her work includes photographs and prints  with a decidedly feminine approach.  I'm pleased to announce that Gay will continue to show with us throughout 2018.

Visit Gay's website for more information.  @

► Local artist Carolyn Olbum has two new pieces on display. One a wall candelabrum of bronze the other a free standing candelabrum of sliver never displayed before.  Her unique artworks have inspired a dedicated clientelle in both Pittsburgh and Sun Valley.  View her selected works

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